McKinnon Targeted Recruiters pays particular attention to the needs and goals of the candidates that we work with.

Square pegs in round holes don’t fit. Beyond skills and experience we work to ensure that your values and beliefs are in alignment with those of the employers that we introduce you to. We never lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with people’s lives. People are our business and you are important to us.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our business.

Candidates are not required to pay a fee to use our services.

Our Process

McKinnon Targeted Recruiters works to make the process as simple and stress free as possible. Here’s how it works…

Candidates are contacted directly by one of our recruiters. An initial discussion will determine next steps based on the prospect’s interest level and their suitability for the role being considered.

If we are contacting you for the first time and the above criteria has been met, we will request that you forward a copy of your resume to us by email in Microsoft Word format. We respect the fact that it may take some time for this to be prepared. After the resume has been reviewed or if we already have a copy in our database, the recruiter will contact you for a more in-depth discussion.

It will be determined if an interview with our recruiter is appropriate.  If it’s determined that a fit exists, the recruiter will share detailed information regarding the position, and the company.

In the interest of protecting our client’s confidentiality, please note that if a fit is absent the recruiter may refrain from sharing specific details about the client. We retain the candidate’s resume and interview notes on file so that they may be considered for future positions.

Detailed candidate briefs are forwarded to our client and they will inform us of their desire to interview. We then arrange meetings, between both parties, and debrief to ensure both the client and the candidate are in alignment with respect to next steps. The experience and knowledge that McKinnon Targeted Recruiters brings to this stage of the process has proven very helpful to both candidates and employers alike.

Your recruiter will mediate offer discussions in order to assist you in securing the desired position. At this stage, references are requested and contacted either by the recruiter or the client directly.

Upon acceptance of the position, congratulations are in order and coaching will be provided regarding the resignation process.

Your recruiter will contact you from time to time, and is always available to help ensure that your new role is everything you expected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost or expense to me for using a recruiting firm?

There is no cost to candidates. The Employer pays our fees from a budget that is separate from the compensation budget and our fee does not impact the amount of compensation that you receive.

Will I know beforehand where my resume is being sent?

Position specifics are always discussed with candidates before their resume is sent to an employer

How does a recruiter obtain an assignment?

We have long standing relationships with many organizations and are developing new clients on an ongoing basis.

In some cases, with your assistance, we will target a list of specific companies to determine if they have an interest in meeting with someone like you. We are very careful to protect your identity during this process until such time as you decide that you would like to be presented to the interested company. This is the candidate part of Targeted Recruiting

Will you contact me or should I call you to keep in touch?

We will contact you when suitable positions become available. Please feel free to contact your recruiter at anytime.

How should I handle my resignation once I get something new?

This is a matter that your recruiter will discuss with you at the appropriate time. Resignations can be a complex affair on several levels. We have the experience and perspective to help you manage this important process. Feel free to inquire about this at anytime.