The employee retention rates of the candidates that we place is exceptionally high.

Our clients tell us that this is one of the most important indicators of the quality of our work.

This is supported through:


We focus only on senior to mid level positions within our practice areas.


We have been servicing our markets since 1992. We know the industries and vertical markets that we service. McKinnon Targeted Recruiters are experienced business professionals. Many of us have worked in these industries and it's our business to know what's happening in them. We know the trends, best practices, compensation benchmarks and talent availability.

Note: any information that is shared with us by clients or candidates is treated as strictly confidential.


Our industry knowledge enables us to understand the dimensions of your company and its position in the marketplace. The company’s beliefs, values and the specifics of the role will guide our candidate assessment. When asked, we often help our clients define the role that they are looking to fill based on the objective perspective that we can provide. We understand what drives candidates in today’s competitive environment and we make every effort to ensure that their values and objectives are in alignment with yours.


Targeted Recruiting is a thorough, labour intensive process. Besides exhausting all conventional means of candidate sourcing, what differentiates McKinnon Targeted Recruiters is our ability to access passive job seekers through direct recruitment. We are Targeted Recruiters delivering Hire Retention. Our promise is to identify and present the optimum candidate available to the market. Many of the candidates that we have placed were not looking to move. We presented them with opportunities that aligned with their aspirations and they are now flourishing at our client organizations.

In some cases, there may only be a handful of candidates in North America that have the skills for the job. We persevere until we are certain that we have identified and contacted everyone. In the midst of an international talent war, having access to the entire pool of talent means a greater number of qualified candidates for your company to draw from thus securing a long term employee.


By continually evaluating and investing in the latest technology we are able to optimize our internal and external search process to drive your talent acquisition in a timely and efficient manner.


McKinnon Targeted Recruiters assist you at every stage of the process, from the initial contact, to the annual follow up. Our superior training and experience ensures that all aspects of the process are professionally managed. We are sensitive to the delicate balance that must be maintained throughout the search process, particularly at the offer and resignation stages. We listen to you and never lose sight of the fact that we are in the people business. Intelligence, trust, respect and perseverance are qualities that you can count on with McKinnon Targeted Recruiters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use McKinnon Targeted Recruiters?

The retention rate of the candidates that we place is exceptionally high. The main reason for this appears to be:

The thoroughness of our candidate search process. We don’t just look for someone that can fill the position. Our on going objective is to help our clients secure the optimum candidate available to the market. To achieve this we access all active candidate sources; our candidate database (30,000), advertising, online sourcing (Workopolis, industry specific job boards, etc.) and all passive candidate sources (headhunting). Often the right candidate is not actively looking for a new position but sometimes may just be starting to think about a move when we call. We call this the passive candidate. Most recruiting firms only access active candidates and lack the specialized skills and training needed to identify and attract passive candidates. This is where we excel. We give you access to a much wider talent pool. A greater selection of candidates often results in a superior hire. Our search process is very refined. It's called Targeted Recruiting. 

Our people are experts in the industries that we serve. This enables us to understand our clients' needs. We have superior skills and training in both candidate assessment and project management. However, it is Targeted Recruiting that sets us apart and enables you to hire the best available candidates.   

Our philosophy is based on, Targeting, Knowledge, Understanding, Access and Professionalism.

How long will the recruitment process take to complete?

The average time to placement is six weeks. This can vary depending on the nature of the assignment. A lot depends on our client's interviewing process. Many assignments have been completed within one week when our client had a pressing need.

How are your professional fees determined?

Our fees are in alignment with current industry standards. They are a reflection of the thoroughness of the work that we do and are dependent on the scope of the assignment. Please speak to one of our recruiters and they will be happy to discuss our fees in more detail.

How do you evaluate and assess your candidates?

McKinnon Targeted Recruiters are all trained on behavioral interviewing techniques and receive extensive ongoing training on candidate assessment.

Can you maintain the confidentiality of the company information that we share with you?

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our business. We treat all information as strictly confidential and will share only information that our clients permit us to.

What happens if your placement leaves?

We guarantee our placements. Please speak to one of our recruiters for more information.