ReferSys Referral Program

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Earn Thousands!

Refer a new Client Company and collect your $1000 after the initial placement is completed.

Collect another $1000 for every additional successfully completed placement with your referred Client for up to 1 Year!

Your referral may be any Company that has not previously been our Client OR a Company with which we have not worked as a Client or prospective Client within 360 days.

Qualifying for your Big $1000 Bonus is just 4 easy steps away:

  1. Complete the New Client Referral Form.
  2. One of our consultants will get in touch with you to request that you advise your Client Referral that we will be contacting them.
  3. We will make contact with any qualified Client contacts that you refer.
  4. If we enter into a search engagement with your Client referral within 90 days of your referral and we make a placement with your contact you will be eligible for the $1000 Referral Fee subject to accepting the terms and conditions.

Instructions: Please complete all fields in this form and press SEND. One of our Targeted Recruiters will contact you soon after. Please be aware that by completing this form, your name will be used in an initial conversation with your client contact.

If you have questions, or you would like more information on the Big $1000 Fee Reward program, please email or call (416) 250-6763 to speak to a McKinnon Targeted Recruiter.